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Shoes deodorant drying and disinfection, a magic weapon to get all
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the footsteps, the health of the feet, and the whole body. The foot is an important weight-bearing organ and a moving organ of the human body, and the foot is more called the "second heart" of the human body because of the many acupuncture points on the sole of the foot. But the foot is also an important organ that people most often ignore. We wash and change clothes every day, but always wear the same pair of shoes. Shoes that are not cleaned in time are more likely to breed bacteria, especially in summer and rainy weather. The conditions of hot and humid inside the shoes are hotbeds of bacteria. Surrounded by bacteria and moisture for a long time, our "second heart" is prone to beriberi and athlete's foot infection, and is more susceptible to frostbite on frozen days.
Do you know? The bacteria spread like this:
Because bacteria are extremely easy to spread, we need to clean shoes that are closely related to the feet.
However, in order to make the shoes dry after cleaning, it is usually necessary to dry in the sun or to dry for a long time. However, the sun will make the wild white shoes yellow, which makes it easier for the leather of the shoes to age. It takes 1-2 days for the long time to be placed. Especially in the winter, the sunshine is short, and the drying and heating of the shoes is particularly important during the cold weather.
Of course, not only the wet shoes in the rainy season need a boot dryer, but also need a shoe dryer after drying the shoes. In the cold winter, EDS home appliancess who are easy to cold hands and feet need a shoe dryer to heat the shoes and give the ankle a "hot bedding."
The EDS home appliances-drying shoe dryer can dry and heat your shoes and boots for your safety and environmental protection, and solve all the troubles caused by shoes.
Whether it is ordinary sports shoes, high heels or long boots, you can do it once.
The product consists of four parts: the main unit (including the main key switch, ozone switch, body), power cord, air duct, bracket.
The bracket can be replaced according to the length of the upper, which perfectly solves the drying problem of the footwear of various lengths.
There are two kinds of brackets for the adult bracket and the baby shoe bracket (the minimum can be dried for 12 cm), and a shoe dryer machine is available for the whole family.
As the only shoe dryer machine on the market that can dry boots and baby shoes at the same time, in order to better care for the health of the baby and the health of the whole family, the ozone shoe dryer has an independent timed ozone switch to effectively use ozone. In addition to taste, sterilization, anti-mold, anti-foot gas can purify the air, environmental protection and health. More digital timing, time-controllable, energy-saving and environmentally EDS home appliancesly, to avoid scorching and deforming shoes due to excessive heat for a long time. The material used in the product is Chi Mei ABS material, which can withstand temperature, anti-fall, anti-pressure, and waterproof design, even if the baby has a baby.
Going out of the door, getting out of the rain, or accidentally stepping on the pond, the shoes are wet, the clothes are uncomfortable, I want to dry, and the weather is not good. It may be moldy after a few days! Dry your shoes quickly with a EDS home appliances shoe dryer!
Deodorant When the shoes are worn for a long time, they stink, because the moisture in the shoes breeds bacteria, causing the shoes to smell, causing athlete's foot, and using the EDS home appliances shoe dryer device to effectively remove the smell of the shoes! Really easy to use!
Sterilization Quickly remove moisture from your shoes with the principle of blowing! It can effectively remove the sweat or moisture accumulated in the shoes, effectively avoiding the proliferation of molds, causing laziness and foot odor of beriberi! Avoid forming Hong Kong feet!
Moisture-proof shoes are not worn in the cabinet for a long time, it is inevitable to get tidal and moldy. Use a EDS home appliances shoe dryer to bake before storing your shoes. Can effectively prevent shoes from getting wet! Let your beloved shoes last longer!
Aesthetics EDS home appliances ship relies on its own research and development conditions, without affecting the use of the results. The new design and appearance make the product more generous and beautiful, more technical and fashionable than the same type of product!
No longer need to use a hair dryer, blowing and blowing!
Wet shoe treatment:
In summer, deodorize, disinfect, sterilize, and odor the shoes, sports shoes, socks, etc., and walk easily without worry!
In the winter, dry boots, cotton shoes, etc., the shoes are warm, warmed by the "second heart" to the whole body!
During the rainy season, dry and protect the damp shoes!
Dry and warm for a whole year!Shoe Dryer suppliers
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