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Zamfun Series No.: ZFM-008
Vent hole heat transfer vinyl has tiny holes on it, generating excellent ventilation and also making good decoration effect on fabric, is a soft and eco-friendly polyurethane which is highly suited for the transfer of designs onto garments. This easy to cut and weed film has high elasticity and strong adhesiveness, PU heat transfer film is the ideal solution for high quality, detailed designs and numbering for t-shirts, sportswear and other garments where durability is essential.
Product specification
Name: Vent hole PU heat transfer vinyl film
Heat press Temperature:150-160鈩?/p>
Heat Press Time: 10-12S
Peel: Cold Peel
Application: T-shirt, Sport jersey, leather, Sweater,
Product Main feature:
1. Washing time: 50-80 times approved of color fastness
2. Easy to cut and weed
3. Case use cutting plotter machine
4. It is high flex and with soft hand feeling
5. More color choices, Color can be customize
6. Good washing resistance, 40-60 washing times, 30-40 mins/time
Color Chart:
Heat Transfer Process
Product Application:
Cooperative Policy:
If send wrong color vinyl, we guarantee to change right color for you
The vinyl can be returned because of the quality problems
Offer professional one-on-one service
The competitive advantage of product line:
Advanced technology, strict quality management process, caring service.Customized Heat Transfer Vinyl