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Premade Pouch Fruit Juice Packing Machine
The liquid packaging production line consists of a premade pouch packaging machine,a digital control ffilling machine. Fast packaging and stable performance. The waterproof system makes cleaning and more convenient. The color touch screen is used for easy operation. At a reasonable cost, innovatively solve various packaging problems. The system packs products with exquisite patterns and good sealing quality, which will enhance your product grade.
Premade Pouch Fruit Juice Packing Machine is currently the most advanced and practical packaging solution on the market. We have our own technical department to help you solve all your packaging problems.
The main features锛?/strong>
Automatic checking system can check bag situation, filling and sealing situation.
The system shows bag feeding, no filling and no sealing. bag opening/opening error, no filling and no sealing filling, no sealing..
Main Technical Parameters
Model: EM8-200G//EM8-300G
1Bag SizeWidth:EM8-200G:80-210//EM8-300G:180-300mm, Length:100-300//100-350mm
2Capacity30-50bags/min (The speed depends on type of products and packaging material used)
25-45bags/min (For zipper bag)
3Package AccuracyError鈮ぢ?%
4Compress Air Requirement鈮?.8m鲁/min supply by user
5Total Power2.5KW (220V/380V,3PH,50HZ)
6Demension1710*1505*1640 (L*W*H)
8We can customize the suitable one for you according to your requiredment.
Just Tell us : Weight or Bag Size required.
Work Process
Application Product
Liquid:Detergent, fruit juice, miller wine, soy sauce, vinegar, drinks,paste, etc.
Thick liquid:Chilli sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, bean sauce etc.
Application Bag Type
The Brand Of Main Parts
1. What the Safety system of bag given packing machine?
No bag,no filling,no sealing,machine have alarm bag month close,no filling,no sealing,machine have alarm,Air pressure abnormal,machine stop or alarm,equip safety doors
2. If i need engineer Go abroad for setting,how many days should be and what customers should provide?
We will arrange suitable engineer go abroad according to work condition,customers need pay Accommodation,meal,air tickets gone and back,extra salary.China Rotary Packing Machine