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This series of models is double-sided compacted. The difference between the double-sided compaction shape and the ordinary shape is only the difference in the mutual movement between the molding sand and the template. Its styling process and process is to place the pre-filled frame between the sand box and the formwork. Adopting the template-type compaction process and the multi-contact compaction mechanism, the template can be moved freely up and down, and the molding sand in the pre-filled frame is pushed and pushed from the sand-type (sand box) parting surface, and the compactness is adopted. It is a parting surface and a high back, while the lower ideal ideal curve distribution achieves a perfect combination of high compaction and good breathability.
-High ability for compaction sand, rigid and dense mould, suitable to manufacture of complex castings.
-Good working condition and labour saving.
-Dimensional stability and better surface roughness.
-Mould plate with high rate of utilization.
-High efficiency of moulding.
sand box size700*700MM800*800
moulding productivity40-8020-50
specific squeeze pressure(kg/cm2)6-106-10
compressed air(CFM)<10<15
Q: How many days do you need to produce this machine?
A: Because this machine need according to every client鈥檚 requirement, not have stock in workshop. When we get the order, first we need about 7days to professional design every parts of the machine, then can put into produce . So usually produce time about 90days .
Q: What's your machine quality guarantee?
A: Usually machine it's one year. We will choose the world famous brand components to keep our machine in perfect working condition.
Q: Can you install the machine overseas?
A: YES, we have rich-experienced install team to install the machine for our customers worldwide.Green Sand Molding Machine