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Brief Introduction
Dual hydraulic system rescue bed is a kind of hospital bed.Sickbed generally refers to nursing bed, is based on the patient's treatment needs and bed life habits, and the design with family can accompany, with a number of nursing functions and operation buttons, the use of an insulated safe bed.The regulating wheel device is adopted in the middle to make the vehicle stable, reliable and light.ABS pneumatic guardrail design, convenient for patients to use.Pneumatic back lift, bed frame equipped with oxygen cylinder device.Rescue vehicles are more humanized and idealized to meet the needs of medical personnel.
Detail Picture
Product Description
Product NameDual hydraulic system rescue bed
Product OriginalChina
Product CharacteristicDual hydraulic system
Height Adjustment815mm-580mm
Loading Capacity82KG
Tilt Angle0-13掳
Back Angle0-60掳
AccessorySalt water holes,water proof mattress
CertificateCE ISO
1. This rescue bed has complete normative appurtenances,water proof mattress and salt water holes;
2. The bracket of the dual hydraulic system rescue bed can be locked, it can rotate around and around, and the height can be adjusted.The head and legs of the bed can be moved;
3. The minimum height of a bed so that the patient can lie on it easily;
4. The diameter of the central control wheel is 150mm, equipped with the central guide wheel, the central control brake and rotation system, the bed stability, convenient for users to control the direction of the body;
5. Air cushion ventilated, waterproof, soft, foot switch and manual control optional;
6. There are clear arrow marks for user reference;
7. The product has one-key recovery function, which can make the bed body quickly return to the initial state at any Angle.
It is mainly used in major hospitals, township hospitals, community health service centers, rehabilitation institutions, family ward for the aged and so on.
DeliveryMedical Device Free Sample
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