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Part Number: N / A
Description: Full glow synthetic overlay
Applicable Machine Model: All models of AMF & Brunswick and other bowling equipment
Component of: Lane
Position on Machine: Overlay of Lane above MDF
Material: Phenol formaldehyde resin
Weight: 550 kgs / lane
Size: 24.16 m *1.17 m
Packing: By pallet
Lead Time: Within 25 days
Warranty: One Year
Picture of Full Glow Bowling Synthetic Lane
The full glow synthetic lane is made of synthetic panel, which is composed of Phenol formaldehyde resin, our synthetic lane has granted the ABC/WIBC USBC certification. full lane is different with the normal lane, it will glow in dark under the UV light.
The full glow lane starts from the approach panel--foul line panel--arrow panel to pin deck, we can produced by many colors, like red, white, yellow, blue, black...., as well as to print customer's company logo on it, also we can customs it according to your drawing(but the thick is same: 12.7 mm). Our full glow lane can match with all kinds of bowling machines.
It is better to put some lane oil (lane conditioner) on the lane, which can make the lane more smoothly, then to improve the bowler's playing pleasure. When it dirty, the customer can use lane cleaner to clean it. A good material and clean synthetic lane can attract much more professional bowlers to come to your bowling center, a bowling center can enhance its reputation by holding professional bowling tournament.
The full glow lane will be packed in pallet, and it can be shipped by sea only because of the heavy weight. Our company provided the lane with installation parts, like screws, lane dowels, pin deck dowels.. etc..
The glow lane can be used together with the glow capping, which can get more attractive appearance effect.High quality Bowling Lane Parts