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Parameter Description
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Product name: Trampoline Park.
Brand Name: WKY
Size: Customized.
Color: Colorful, Customized.
Suitable age: 3-50 years old.
Type: Customer settings.
Function: Climbing, jumping, strop, etc.
Material: Galvanized Steel+301 spring+PP net, etc.
Apply to: Amusement Park, playground, outdoor park, shopping Mall.
Applicable scene: Indoor or Outdoor.
Warranty: 5 Years.
Delivery Time: 10-30 Days.
Supply Ability
Supply Ability: 5000 quare Meters per month trampoline park
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Standard Export Packing: Cotton, bubble bag, PP film, woven bag;
Customized packaging available.
Dalian, Qingdao, Ningbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou.
Lead Time:
Quantity (Square Meters)1 - 500500 - 1000>2000
Est. Time(day)7-2015-30To be negotiated
Product Description
Indoor or Outdoor trampoline park for kids and adults !
For children's entertainment, not a good venue is not enough. Naughty Fort's operation in China, most of them are placed in large supermarkets, because the malls and supermarkets themselves are choosing to be in a better crowd. In these places, naughty castles have saved the trouble of selecting places. Shopping malls and other places must be decided after certain choices and planning. Coupled with these places are also places that can attract people to stop, such as adults go to the supermarket, shopping malls, you can directly put the children in the naughty places to play. However, supermarkets are not the only choice. We can also do professional children's play stores. For example, many foreign cases can be used for reference. But for convenience, the supermarket is a good choice. Among us and our customers, operating in these places is better than outside. In addition, if you choose the location outside, you should also consider what the surrounding buildings are based on while considering the flow of people, in order to help determine the internal configuration and size of the naughty castle.
The trampoline park is pressing the trend of the times and launching a high-end trampoline project to follow the pace of society. Here you can experience the joy of fitness while playing, where you can experience first-class service, where you can have fun. Love him and take him to the trampoline park!
Product NameTrampoline Park
SizeCustomized based on the size and interior structure of your hall floor size.
Material 1) Frames and legs: Galvanized steel pipe, black coated
2) L18cm high strength galvanized springs, 301 steel wire
3) Jumping mat: imported PP
4) Soft EPE foam pad: water-proof cell closed foam, not easy to deform
PackingWrapped by cotton and PP film, woven bag, outer carton
Warranty5 years (Other accessories are guaranteed for 3 years)
Advantagesa. Factory-direct price;
b. Eco-friendly durable materials;
c. Rational structure designs and standard production conforming to ASTM safty standard;
d. Free design and consulting service.
InstallationDetailed installation manual, video instructions.
The trampoline must also be included in the "Heartbeat Challenge List"
The name of indoor extreme sports is not blowing.
Let you freely let go of yourself!
Instantly happy like a child of two hundred pounds!
After-sales Service:
The product will not be returned once purchased. Under normal use, due to non-human factors, the steel frame is three years, and the mesh is repaired free of charge within two years. Except for consumables.
Budget working capital. No support for funds can't do anything. The same is true for naughty castles. When we have such an idea, we must think about it in our minds. Is there enough initial venture capital support? What will happen after the operation, how much income a day, how long it will recover the cost, etc. For example, in investment, naughty castles are 50,000, venues are 30,000 a year, hydropower is 3000 per month, and renovations are 20,000, etc. A total of 100,000 are recorded (here for reference only, no actual reference value). Also calculate how much you can earn in a day, the difference between Monday and Friday and holidays. Here you can refer to the list. The ultimate goal of our concern is how long it takes to recover costs and profits.
The trampoline is known as the "air ballet". As an Olympic sport, it has a strong skill and competitive nature. It is a comprehensive and strong aerobic exercise.
Entering the trampoline sports hall, the colorful trampolines are intertwined, free jumping area, small trampoline area, high-altitude slam dunk area, adult trampoline area, happy sponge pool... everything about the trampoline is here, the design of the children's area is also full. Sincerity, for parents with children, not only can you relax, but also accompany the children.
Compared to ordinary sports such as jogging
Trampoline is a more calorie-consuming fitness method
Moving on an unstable plane such as a trampoline
The body will mobilize all core muscles
Especially the abdominal muscle group
With the dynamic music, join the trampoline fitness exercise. It is understood that proper and reasonable trampoline fitness can effectively strengthen the muscle tissue of people's body, improve the coordination of the body, and carry out various sports and games through the trampoline, which can promote the body's metabolism, exercise the bones and joints, and achieve physical fitness while entertainment. The effect of fitness.
Interview with the Children Said:
"I found it very fun here, and I can exercise my body. I especially like it here."
Interview with the Person in charge of the Trampoline Sports Hall:
Our trampoline sports hall is not only a large trampoline sports park, but also a very professional trampoline sports hall, which contributes to the fitness of ordinary people.
There are More Challenges
The super dry ski slopes are waiting for the partners to challenge!
Sitting on the snow blanket, the body leans back, the soles of the feet are tilted up, and the heart rate is straight, 120, very nervous!
Once the snow blanket began to dive down and lose weight, it immediately came out. Finally, a vacant flight, this is a feeling of flying!
So many fun projects, in fact, the trampoline is not just a fun and play project, it can be said that it is a very popular national sports project in recent years.
Struggling for 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to calories burned for half an hour of jogging, and in order to maintain balance in the process of jumping, you will consciously control every muscle applied.
At the same time, jumping, rotating and other actions in the trampoline can stimulate the child's vestibular development and exercise their sense of balance.
Do you know?
Large trampoline jumping can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids to prevent and alleviate diseases.
Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, prevents kidney stones, enhances heart and lung function, balances blood pressure, improves body coordination, and helps sleep.

Full of Vitality
Feel the feeling of weightlessness at high altitude
Relieve stress and trouble
Life is not only poetry and distance
There is still energy and passion waiting for us.
Minutes let you feel
The taste of heaven
Full of elasticity
Let you spin and jump
Who says trampoline
Just a professional thing
Bring your Enthusiasm
Have fun
Deviation from gravity
Make people want to stop
It's Here
No trouble
Move with your heart
Only laughter here
The Children are Playing Games here, Tug-of-war and Winning.
Win prizes
Lost? Lose can participate in the next round of games,
There are also dodgeball games and trampoline challenges...
There is always your own lucky waiting for you.
Big Friends are here to Challenge the Limits and Fight Against Themselves.
A nearly 90-degree vertical snow and ice slide,
I heard that people who have played are addicted.
Not enough at one time, I have to come again.Customized Indoor Trampoline Park