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Layers: 6L
Material: RO4350B
Board Thicknes: 1.0 mm
Copper Thicknes: 35/35/35/35 um
Line/Space: 6/5 mil (inner layer)
Smallest Hole Diameter: 0.25mm
Surface Treatment: ENIG(2U'')
Technical Feature:
Blind/Buride Via Holes; VIPPO; Differential impedance contral 10%
Communication base station
Special Note:
More Technologies Limited has strong manufacturing capabilities and high-quality products and services. This is a 6-layer high-frequency board with back drilling, Epoxy and capping with copper. The regular delivery time is 11 days, and the fastest delivery can be achieved in 7 days.
In order to make electronic communication technology have a higher speed development. High-quality high-speed transmission, many of today's communication equipment have begun to use high-frequency multi-layer PCB. The material of multi-layer high-frequency circuit boards has excellent electrical functions and good chemical stability.
Six Major Points of High Frequency PCB:
1. Low Dielectric constant(2.40) with tight tolerance. PTFE PCB and Ceramic PCB filled composite.
2. Low Dissipation Factor tan(loss tangent),Low Df and Dk allows for low signal distortion and faster signal propogation required by high frequency and high reliability applications.
3. Lower Z-axis CTE,offering supperior PTH reliability.The low Z-CTE and CAF resistance provide long term reliability for both RF and digital applications.
4. High Tg 200 by DMA. Higher heat resistance TD>370, T300>60min. Excellent thickness control for tight tolerance impedance application.
5. Lower moisture absorption with excellent resistance against moisture and heat.
6. Lead-Free Assembly Compatible,Ideally suited for assemblies with a maximum reflow. temperature of 260 on a conditions of 5-cycle/10 second.
If you have such products or designs, please contact us. More Technologies Limited is happy to provide you with free technical advice and design suggestions.Rogers PCB fabrication
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