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The Max Heightmm6m8m10m12m
Working heightmm8m10m12m14m
Load capacitykg300300250200
Platform sizemm1500x6001500x6001620x6001740x600
VoltagevWe can design the voltage as per your request
Overall size(LxWxH)mm1550x900x19701550x900x19701670x900x20701790x900x2070
Net weightACkg480580680780
Dual mast manlift also called man lifts.
Aluminum alloy lifting mobile double-mast aluminum aerial work platform is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, double-mast structure, equipped with universal casters, flexible maneuverability, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, convenient implementation, The lifting is stable, safe and reliable, deflection and swing are small, and the platform can be controlled up and down. It is used for installation and maintenance of high-altitude operations in a very small space.
Widely used in high-altitude power lines and pipeline laying, installation and maintenance of lighting appliances in factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, docks, airports, stadiums and other venues, as well as single-person high-altitude operations.
1. How to choose the suitable model for lifting work.
Pls tell us the lifting height and the load capacity you required,its better to tell me the using purpose for you to buy it,we can offer the best solutions for you .Such as if your working height is 10m,you can choose 8m lifting height machine,usually the lifting height plus 2m equals to working height.
2. How about the warranty?
Usually the warranty time is 12 months,all our products are CE certified,its failure rate is very low.We will send some wear parts to you together with the product,during use,if need you can replace it by yourself,no need to buy it.
3. How about voltage?
We accept the worldwide voltage customization,pls free to tell us your requirements,we will design according to your requirement.
4. How to contact us?
You can contact us by email Or by Phone:0086-532-87808798Dual Mast Aerial Work Platform suppliers
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