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Automatic carton making line including : High speed flexo printing ( 3-5 colors ) slotting die cutting machine , down folding gluing machine, Counter ejecting machine , automatic PP starpping machine. working speed 180-350 boxes per minute, smallar size box running speed can reach 400 boxes per minute. It achieves from A to Z production, input with corrugated paperboard, output directly loading truck.
The most advantage is : Saving labor and increased production capacity, working stable and avoiding waste .
In European countries, carton flexo inline has already become a common machine for morden carton box manufactures.
Lead edge feeder unit
1. Suitable for three, five, seven layers of corrugated cardboard, including E-flute corrugated cardboard
2. Dust extraction device
3. Operation control switch (PLC computer control)
4. Automatic zero device
5. Low press Lead edge feeding, Taiwan technolog (optional )
Printing unit
1. Adsorption lead edge feeding system
2. Dust extraction device
3. Operation control switch (PLC computer control)
4. Automatic zero device
5. Phase adjustment mechanism by HMI screen and PLC
6. Metal / ceramic anilox roller optional
7. Rubber roller / doctor blade optional
8. Store up to 200 orders
Slotting unit
1. With self-locking function.
2. The creasing line wheel adopts the latest design of pre-pressing type
3. PLC programmable control to synchronize the axial movement of the left and right synchronous transport
4. With touch screen, automatically detect and adjust through the PLC and rotary encoder, and call up the storage menu. The automatic alignment is fast and efficient.
5. The phase zeroing device ensures the consistency of the slotting position
6. Adjust the knife by computer automatically and correction automatically
Rotary die cutting unit
1. The roller is made of hard chrome plated on the surface, material is high-quality steel, After dynamic balance correction
2. The rubber pad roller adopts the mechanical cam type left and right movement (30mm) device, each knife is in different positions, effectively extending the service life of the felt sleeve.
3. With line speed compensation device.
4. The soft roll automatic repair device can repair the worn felt cover several times.
The main technical parameters
1Mechanical inside width
2The highest production speed
3Economic operation speed
4Max.feeding size
5Max. Feeding heightmm350×800
6Max.printing areamm900×2200
9skip feeding sizemm1100×2300
10Tinted precision
11standard plate thicknessmm7.2
12board thicknessmm2--10
13Min. Slotting distancemm
14Max.slotting depthmm600
15Printing roller axial adjustment
Folder gluer unit
Main technical parameters folder gluer
Min. folding size300×800(mm)
Max. size920×1900(mm)
Max. feeding size920×1900(mm)
total power35kw
Total volue19000×4180×3200(mm)
The specification of the paste box machine is determined according to the specifications of the auxiliary printing slotting machine
Performance characteristics
gluing part
1. The non-stop roller gluing system (optional electronic spray device), preventing downtime glue curing, to 1-12mm thick paper glue, glue quantity convenient adjustment.
2. The utility model can automatically adapt to the change of the speed of the machine, the glue is evenly distributed, and the belt speed of the upper and the lower beams can be adjusted to be close to or close to the speed of the grooving machine, so as to prevent clogging.
Folding part
1. Precision setting guide wheel system / rear belt transmission.
2. High strength bridge arm, precision traverse guide system.
Tidying and Counter Ejecting unit
1. Tree group servo motors constitute the accurate counting function for stacking output at high speed.
2. Pneumatic aid blank taking bar is able to make stacked blanks flat and neat
3. Pneumatic stacking unit ejects out the stacked blanks neatly
Stack of paper unitlow price Carton Flexo Printer Gluer In-line