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Processing of graphite materials Machining method: the machining method is the main method adopted by the domestic general mold production units.
Graphite materials can be processed by turning, milling, drilling and grinding. In addition, graphite materials are easy to produce fly ash during machining, which brings adverse effects on processing equipment and operators.
Processing procedures for graphite materials
1) Graphite immersion. Before machining, the graphite material should be immersed in the engine oil for tens of hours, so that the oil can penetrate into the graphite material, so that the ash powder will not fly during machining, and a smooth surface can be obtained.
2) Paint scribe. After rough machining of the electrode surface, spray a thin layer of white paint on the marking surface and then mark, so that the line is clear and convenient for machining.
3) Machining.300mm Graphite Electrode suppliers