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SOONTRUE'S Baozi Machine
BX-500 Stuffed Bun Machine
Xiaolongbao is a type of Chinese steamed bun (baozi) from Jiangsu province, a small, meat-filled baozi from Shanghai Containing a juicy broth. Because the wrap of xiaolongbao is more thin than other traditional Chinese bun, and with succulent. So it is more closely resembles a jiaozi (dumpling).
This is Chengdu Soontrue Leibo Machinery Equipment Corp. Ltd. in China and we are devoted to make innovation foods based on traditional flour food.
BX-500 Stuffed Bun Machine is new designed by SoonTrue鈥檚 R&D. There are multifunctional function & available for making various of round stuffing food, including sticky products or thin skin juicy products.
Characteristics of BX-500 Stuffed Bun Machine:
1\ High productivity, 1200-3600 piece/h.
2\ With independent motor control system.
3\ Easy to assemble.
4\ High degree of automation and accurate quantity.
5\ Simple operation, stable running, good performance, and long service life.
1. Technical Parameters
Technical Specifications
Product NameBX-500 Stuffed Bun Machine
Capacity20-60 piece/min
Power supply380 v 50Hz
General power3.2 KW
DimensionsL 1700mm W 1000mm H 1400 mm
Total WeightAbout 500 Kg
Noise鈮?8 db
Product Weigh25-180g
2. Application
3. FQA
4. Related Dumpling Machine Series
SoonTrue鈥檚 YTH16A & YTH24 is recommended for producing wonton, Cantonese wonton and imitation handmade wonton.SOONTRUE'S Baozi Machine

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