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Holmium Boride suppliers
銆怤ame銆慔afnium Boride
銆怌AS Number銆?2007-23-7
銆怣olecular formula銆慔fB2
銆怱hape銆慏ark gray powder
Specification of Hafnium Boride
Storage conditions: It should be stored in a dry, cool and sealed environment, please do not expose to the air, in addition, avoid heavy pressure, and transport it as ordinary goods.
Application: New ceramic materials have high melting point, high thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance and other high temperature comprehensive properties.
Used in ultra-high temperature ceramics, high temperature aircraft nose cones and aerospace fields.
Hafnium boride belongs to a category of ultra-high temperature ceramics, which is a ceramic composed of hafnium and boron. Its melting temperature is about 3250 degrees Celsius. It is an unusual ceramic with relatively high thermal and electrical conductivity, and has the same properties as isomorphous titanium diboride and zirconium diboride. It is a gray metal appearance material. Hafnium boride has a hexagonal crystal structure with a molar mass of 200.11 g/mol and a density of 10.5 g/cm3.
Hafnium boride is often used in combination with carbon, boron, silicon, silicon carbide and nickel to improve the consolidation (sintering) of hafnium boride powder. It is usually made into a solid by a process called hot pressing, in which the powder is pressed together by heat and pressure.
Due to its strength and thermal properties, the material has the potential to be used in speeding reentry vehicles, such as ICBM insulation panels or aerodynamic fronts. Unlike polymers and composite materials, HFB 2 can be formed into an aerodynamic shape without ablation in the reentry process.
Hafnium boride has also been studied as a possible new material for nuclear reactor control rods. It has also been studied as a diffusion barrier for microchips. If synthesized correctly, the thickness of the barrier can be less than 7 nm.Holmium Boride suppliers

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