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Disc Type Scaffolding Rod
Transverse diagonal 42*2.75.
Material saving, light weight and quality guarantee.
Stability/low loss/reduced management/extended life.
1. Installation And Debugging
1.1 All the equipment products in our company are brand new original brands.
1.2 Our company is responsible for sending the purchased equipment to the user's place for installation and debugging after the equipment passed the preliminary acceptance.
1.3 After the installation and debugging of the purchased equipment is in place, our company will organize special personnel to jointly sign the quality acceptance with the user.
2. Installation And Training
2.1 According to the actual requirements of users, our company shall be responsible for organizing professional and technical personnel to install and debug the purchased equipment and products to ensure the smooth installation and training.
3. Acceptance Criteria
1.1 Acceptance method: all equipment shall be subject to the acceptance standards of the manufacturer and relevant provisions of the contract for quality and quantity.
1.2 In the early acceptance
After the goods are delivered to the buyer's installation site, our company and the buyer shall jointly inspect, check and accept the quantity, basic quality and outer package of the goods.
After the initial acceptance, the site shall be installed and debugged according to the user's requirements, and the results shall meet the user's requirements. During this period, if the quality of the equipment is found to be defective, our company will replace it unconditionally and free of charge until it is accepted and delivered for use.
Supervision Of Service Quality
The staff of the maintenance service department must keep learning, improve and improve their technical level, provide the best service for customers, and strictly follow the relevant company rules and code of conduct to achieve their own "cordial, enthusiastic, responsive". Maintenance service staff to do maintenance records, set up maintenance documents. Able to better manage and facilitate statistics. Our company will be in line with for the customer to bring the best service the objective, unceasingly consummates the service, the maintenance and the supervisory system. As a material of the supervision system, the maintenance department leader will irregularly use the telephone access to the service unit to understand the work satisfaction of the maintenance personnel, and as an important material for the assessment.Disc Type Scaffolding Rod

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