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China Poultry Farm Light Trap
With the development of science and technology, everyone is more and more familiar with the hood and gradually applied it to various fields. Its use has brought convenience to everyone, and has been loved and praised by many users and friends.
The hood is made of extruded, non-glare PVC material. Durable sun, chemical, and high-pressure clean design is reasonable, can be assembled in different sizes, easy to install, and reduced light; the frame material is stainless steel frame, galvanized sheet frame;
The hood produced by our company has the advantages of energy saving, stable operation, low noise, stable performance, ruggedness, beautiful appearance, full pressure, large air volume, low noise, energy saving, stable operation, automatic shutter opening and closing, and convenient maintenance. Suitable for vertical and horizontal ventilation in poultry houses. It is an ideal breeding equipment product for the indoor breeding industry. For the ventilation of industrial plants, warehouses and other places, it can also be used in agriculture, flowers, animal husbandry, plant, textile, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, tea, wood and other industries.
The combination of the hood and the fan makes the effect better. We have more production experience, the quality of the production equipment is better, the price is reasonable, and the service is good. Welcome new and old customers to visit the company to guide and discuss cooperation. China Poultry Farm Light Trap

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