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China Monkey PET manufacturers
PINGSENG Healthcare Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "PINGSENG") is a high-tech enterprise specialized in advanced molecular imaging devices. The predecessor of PINGSENG is Biomedical Engineering Center of Shanghai which was founded in 2008, and it was industrialized in 2012 and then founded PINFSENG. Its product portfolio spans pre-clinical, clinical, optical and veterinary imaging. The business has its wholly-owned R&D, Production, Marketing, Sales and Services.
PINGSENG, with a registered capital of 160 million RMB, has a highly talented R&D team and has developed an advanced quality management system. It has fully independent intellectual property rights and unique manufacturing processes in the field of molecular imaging..
The pre-clinical imaging systems (Micro PET/CT and Micro CT) represent the best of its kind developed in China, and have begun to expand in the international market. The core component of the X-ray imaging devices (CsI conversion screen) has exported to overseas market. With the advanced CsI technology, PINGSENG has developed its own flat panel detector for veterinary and medical.
The moral in PINGSENG is "Technical Innovation and Supreme Quality"; we are well on track to convert scientific research and technical innovation to commercial products.
PINGSENG always adheres to the intention of servicing customers as the first principle. It provides customers with reliable products, professional technical guidance and as well as comprehensive after-sale services. The company pays attention to the combination of production, teaching and medical research. It boasts active close collaboration with major hospitals, universities and enterprises to explore and broaden pre-clinical, clinical, optical and research applications of its products.  China Monkey PET manufacturers

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