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China Industrial 3D Printer manufacturers
Need the best 3D printer made in China for your specific business, manufacturing floor, or university? Whether you're looking for a reliable 3D printer for your business for rapid prototyping, or an educator looking to advance the way your students learn, FHZL is the best 3D printer supplier to fit your needs.
Let's take steel casting for example, if you are looking to create functional 3D printed parts quickly with advanced materials for steel casting, large format, industrial 3D printers are the best option. The largest machine model of FHZL with the biggest build size of 2200x1000x800mm, can manufacture intricate sand cores and sand molds with high accuracy at a low cost in as far as one day. May you need to print some small series at the same time, just make full use of the vacancy among sand cores and sand molds inside the job box. So simply one 3D sand printing machine can solve all your needs on sand molds in large size, medium size or small size for steel casting.
Strengths of FHZL Sand 3D Printer:
鈼?Various build volume to meet demands of different mold sizes: maximum 1760 L.
鈼?High flexibility of modelling materials: Different sand types of different grain size and various binder types can be adopted for printing, for example, silica sand, nice foundry sand, ceramic sand, CB sand, furan resin or inorganic binder. After changing different consumable types for printing, you just need to reset the setting and start the job.
鈼?Economical: You can make full use of the job box. FHZL sand 3D printing system with its efficient printing technology enables the flexible manufacture of various different models, sizes and quantities in a single build.
鈼?Professional: Dedicated 3D printing specialist & application engineer assigned to give you the most suitable machine configuration.
鈼?Best after-sales service: Dedicated FHZL team to ensure the running of the sand 3D printing machine consistently meet your quality expectations. We also offer phone, email and chat support for any concerns or questions you may have during machine operation.
1. Who will be responsible for machine installation and commissioning at my facilities?
FHZL will be in charge of installation and commissioning of our sand 3D printing machine at customers鈥?facilities after signing the order contract between two parties.
2. How many people will be carry out machine installation and commissioning at my facilities and how long will it take?
A team of 3-5 experienced technicians will be assigned for installation and commissioning of our sand 3D printing machine at customers鈥?facilities. It takes around 2-3 weeks.
3. How can I get a catalogue for machine details and do you have a video to show how your 3D printer works?
You can contact our sales persons by email they will send you an electronic copy of our catalogue and share the product video with you.China Industrial 3D Printer manufacturers

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